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Professional Experts on Real Estate Asset Investments across the globe

Real Estate Projects

The majority of real estate projects are usually not available to Real Estate agents.

Advisory Services

Each transaction is unique; consequently, each approach is exclusive

New Markets

Diversification, Adaptation, Approaches and Methodologies to penetrate New Markets

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Real Estate Knowledge

Our professional team cross–border expertise enables them to assess market perspectives thoroughly.

Specialized Personnel

Our specialized personnel is in the position to offer tailor-made advisory services to face upcoming challenges.


Through our innovative business comprehensive way of thinking, we can propose real estate investments with high returns.

Customer Approach

We follow a customer-oriented approach that focuses on converting goals into results.

Full Support

Regardless of the nature of each client’s query, we consider every case as equally essential and provide our full support until completion.

Real Estate Investment Management and Advisory Firm

Folkstones provides specialized consultancy, niche services to family offices, investors, and financial institutions who wish to receive cutting-edge consulting solutions to maximize investment return. Portfolio Management, asset diversification, real estate investment opportunities, property investment consultants and new market penetration are some of Folkstones services.


We emphasize on Real Estate Τransaction Structuring and Advisory

We aim to provide real estate investment opportunities to our selective clientele that will add value to their asset portfolio through investing or co-investing on a transaction by transaction basis on real estate assets (commercial, residential, retail, industrial).

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