December 2021


Tips: Buying your first investment property

Buying an investment property can be an excellent way to earn an extra income and build long-term wealth. On the other hand, it can be a risky endeavor, so you should consider all the options and educate yourself on tenant laws and home maintenance. Make your own research. If you are looking for your first investment property, do not just listen to the numbers, brokers can give you. Do...


UK: A glance in the real estate market.

2021 is around the corner. While looking back on 2021, with the Covid pandemic still causing havoc, it has been a year of significant changes for the UK property market. 2021: Review Housing prices have been rising like never before, even though the pandemic is still going strong and Brexit is being finalized. Residential property was ever so popular during the pandemic, attracting new...

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Germany: House pricing boom!

Claudia Buch, vice-president at the Bundesbank said that almost 90% of German households expect property prices to keep increasing. “We have basically seen all indicators — prices, credit — those indicators kept increasing in Germany and you don’t really see a big effect of the pandemic.” Despite the global pandemic, Germany’s house price boom continues strong, thanks to low interest...


Greece: The puzzle of real estate buyers

The real estate market of the country has shown strong ‘antibodies’ to the pandemic. Foreign and locals interested in having a holiday home, young who have saved money or received a dowry from their parents, those who have access to a bank loan or families that simply wish a bigger house, form the profile of the real estate buyer in Greece. The real estate market and banks estimate that this...

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Cyprus 2021: Real estate market

Facts Cyprus' real estate market had a significant increase of 9%, in the first ten months of 2021, compared to the same period last year. More specifically, the interest was increased significantly by EU citizens and slightly decreased by buyers from third countries. Limassol was the first province in sales due to the projects developers carry out and a large number of ICT...

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