January 2022


The post covid real estate scenery

The pandemic has transformed the global property market. Industry leaders offer their predictions for the $10 trillion sector in 2022. Lockdown, work-from-home, staycation: These are some pandemic-era words we have all had to get used to. A new definition of the way we live, work and travel, has changed the real estate sector's dynamics- one of the world's most significant drivers of economic...


Europe: Where should I buy an investment property?

In this article, we find the 20 most and the 10 least profitable cities in Europe, if you plan to invest in a property. All rankings are established using data from Numbeo and HomeToGo. Average real estate prices were calculated using property prices available on Numbeo. Average renting prices were extracted using HomeToGo’s data. We used price data from the next 12 months for all types and sizes of...

Img - real estate crypto

Invest In Your Next Home with Crypto

During the last few years, Cryptocurrency has become a household name and has finally found its way into the mainstream consciousness. It's no longer strange to hear somebody has invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum, thanks to the emergence of NFT's and more widely available cryptocurrency investment platforms. Although Cryptocurrency or "crypto" is becoming more accepted, it raises some issues. As an...

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