May 2022

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Investing in Housing Worldwide

International real estate continues to be one of the most reliable asset classes due to its long-standing staying power. If you buy high-quality properties across the world with a ten or twenty-year plan, you’re guaranteed to profit. However, the COVID19 pandemic and the recent events in Ukraine have proved that long-term investments are never 100% risk-free. Is investing in housing worldwide still a...

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Why real estate is the best investment you can make

Why real estate is the best investment you can make  When it comes to fruitful investments, having a diverse portfolio is imperative. Investing most of your hard-earned money in just stocks or bonds or EFTs can potentially be a huge risk. This applies globally. The secret is to divide and invest your finances wherein some funds are invested in the stock market, some in EFTs or bonds, and some funds in...

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