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Folkstones is a consulting real estate advisory and management firm that has been established following years of collective experience and expertise in the industry sectors of real estate, legal and wealth management.

Folkstones uses innovative consultant approaches and methodologies for real estate investments and development. It provides individual property investors, family offices, financial institutions the opportunity to penetrate various markets and invest in real estate projects that would not have been capable otherwise.

  • Real Estate

    Our emphasis is on Real Estate Τransaction Structuring and Advisory

  • Objectives & Targets

    Stabilization | Maximization | Investment Innovation

  • Innovation

    Folkstones uses innovative approaches and methodologies

  • Our Vision

    Become a Leading Real Estate Investment Management and Advisory Firm.

  • Forlkstones Presence

    New York | Hong Kong | Dubai | London | Frankfurt | Athens, | Cyprus

  • New Markets

    It provides individual investors, family offices, and financial institutions the opportunity to penetrate new markets.

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