Europe: Where should I buy an investment property?

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In this article, we find the 20 most and the 10 least profitable cities in Europe, if you plan to invest in a property. All rankings are established using data from Numbeo and HomeToGo. Average real estate prices were calculated using property prices available on Numbeo. Average renting prices were extracted using HomeToGo’s data. We used price data from the next 12 months for all types and sizes of lettings to give a reliable overview. The ROI Score comes from comparing these two metrics (real estate prices vs. renting prices).

20 Most Profitable Cities In Europe

Surprisingly, the city with the greatest return on investment turns out to be Sheffield,UK.

Properties in Sheffield offer more substantial returns than in Crete or Antalya.

Almost half (9 out of 20) of the most thriving real estate investments cities are in the United Kingdom. If you want to buy a holiday home in a sunnier destination, then move to Crete in Greece, where average buying prices are low but rental prices are attractively high due to year-round tourism. Investing in a holiday house in Crete provides a strong return on investment and weekend getaways to the clear Mediterranean sea whenever your heart desires.

10 Least Profitable EU Cities

UK may have some of the most attractive cities in terms of real estate investing but London places last in the list of 177 best cities for real estate investing in the UK.

Switzerland dominates this ranking with three cities. The high cost of living and real estate prices makes it difficult to have a good return on investment when buying a property.

On the other hand, Berlin is a surprising presence in this ranking. Many people move to the German capital city for its lifestyle and the solid economic growth. This fact has led to an increase in real estate prices, which reflects in this ranking.

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