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International real estate continues to be one of the most reliable asset classes due to its long-standing staying power. If you buy high-quality properties across the world with a ten or twenty-year plan, you’re guaranteed to profit. However, the COVID19 pandemic and the recent events in Ukraine have proved that long-term investments are never 100% risk-free.

Is investing in housing worldwide still a lucrative proposition? Let’s explore the pros/cons of owning housing across the world. Then, let’s review the best international housing markets and the best housing investment opportunities in the world.

Investing in Foreign Housing – The Pros

Why do so many investors look at foreign lands for real estate investment opportunities? One of the main reasons is the poor appreciation of property prices in their local markets. Buying an over-priced property in your country that won’t appreciate much in 10-20 years makes no sense. In such situations, investing in foreign properties makes far more sense.

Here are some other reasons why investing in foreign properties is lucrative –

  • Real Estate Linked Migration Programs: Want to expand your rights as a global citizen? In many countries, you can get residency or citizenship in return for your property investments. A great example of this is Portugal’s Golden Visa This scheme allows people from non-EU countries to purchase properties and become legal Portuguese residents. Portugal’s housing market is very healthy, and the country is a global hub for tourism. Taking advantage of such a scheme while owning a house that will appreciate in value is a logical move.
  • Tax Breaks: Transferring funds into properties where the cost of living is low can be a huge boon for your land portfolio. The lower charge rates in the foreign country will earn you some hefty tax breaks. Such tax breaks are impossible to obtain when you’re investing in local housing.
  • Diversification: Every real estate investor knows the importance of having a diversified portfolio. What better way to diversify your real estate investment portfolio than looking past your own country’s boundaries? Plus, diversifying your real estate investment portfolio is also a great risk-management tactic. Your portfolio will be exposed to different monetary standards and economies. You’ll have more opportunities to build your portfolio and less risk.
  • Increasing Number of Options: The number of countries with lucrative housing investment opportunities is increasing every decade. In many of these countries, you’ll find low entry rates and high rental returns. Plus, technology is simplifying the process of buying and selling homes. Extending your real estate portfolio to different nations is now easier than ever.

Investing in Foreign Housing – The Pros

Investing in foreign housing is overall a very good idea. But some investors are afraid to dive into foreign housing markets because of one reason – risk. Since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, housing markets worldwide have been booming. Real estate prices have increased in most major countries, including economically stressed countries like Turkey.

Investors fear an impending housing market crash. The events in Ukraine and Russia have also proved that properties can severely decline in esteem and value within hours. These risks are understandable, but they don’t outweigh the advantages. Not many housing markets face serious dangers of political/financial insecurity.

The Best Foreign Housing Markets in 2022

If investing in foreign housing is still a great opportunity in 2022, which countries should investors turn to? According to a recent study, the following countries offer the best housing investment opportunities in 2022 –

  • The UAE
  • Spain
  • Montenegro
  • Turkey
  • Portugal
  • Thailand
  • Greece
  • Grenada
  • Cyprus
  • Dominica

This study considered various factors such as standard of living, employment opportunities, and real estate-linked investment migration options. Plus, rental income potential in all of these countries is great.

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