At Folkstones our main task is to being in contact the right client with the right developer or agency in the market country that the client has inquired. We selectively choose our property partners in each country that we operate in order to provide the best possible and trustworthy property options to our clients.

Once we make the introduction between the client and the developer or agency, we do not interfere with the further negotiations and discussions between the parties, unless of course our assistance is required by either party. We believe that everybody should be left to do what they do best and that’s why we simply monitor the developments of the possible purchase rather than interfere and complicate things.

For each market region we designate a manager that will assist our clients to identify the right property according to their inquiry and their needs and introduce the right local partner (developer or agent) to that client.

If you wish to become a real estate partner with us contact us and a member of our partnership program will get in touch with you.

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