Top 5 Locations to Invest in Residential Real Estate Overseas

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If you’re actively pursuing to diversify your assets, then going for real estate investments is a solid choice. It allows you to continue making substantial rental returns even during a global crisis provided that you perfectly choose the right location to invest in.

Besides, it also becomes fun to travel across the world while making a passive income out of your investment.

However, landing on a profitable long-term investment overseas can be challenging for the uninitiated. It will involve doing lots of research and the commitment to check out properties and new investment opportunities. There are also times that you’ll need to travel to the locations personally rather than depend on online sources alone.

Luckily, we’ve done the groundwork so you can have an idea about which locations are the most profitable right now in terms of residential real estate investments. These are the ones we’ve found during our research:


  1. Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho remains the best option for residential real estate investment. It’s best for investors who want to have a long-term real estate investment in the US. The demand for a Boise property is still on the rise, making the entire housing market the top-ranked in the country. The tremendous growth of more than 5% in 2020 has significantly contributed to this.

For a long time, Boise’s stable market has set a low thirty-year mortgage rate, which has kept the place in high demand, resulting in the rise of buy-to-rent homes. The latest findings showed that the rate of appreciation in real estate, especially in Boise, resulted in annual growth of 10%.

Basically, Boise is ideal for real estate investment due to:

  • Its high rate of population and job growth compared to the national average
  • Doubling annual population growth
  • Triple job opportunities growth
  • Reduced costs for doing any business
  • Reduced rate of unemployment in the region


2. London, United Kingdom

London is among the locations which are currently attracting a high number of global home buyers. The discounts set lately in prime central London Developments have contributed to this. Therefore, if you want to invest in residential and commercial properties in the UK, then now’s the high time to do so.

London is known to have long history and culture with unique architecture that attracts overseas investors, especially those who want to make commercial investments. Also, the attractive and affordable rates for global investors on prime developments have significantly contributed to this.

A good example is Chelsea Barracks which is among the top developments by Qatari Diar.

Investing in a real estate in London, United Kingdom is ideal for the following reasons:

  • The green spaces are exceptional
  • There are preferential investment rates for prime development investors
  • Compelling currency discounts for overseas investors
  • Customized designs for lavish apartments investors


  1. Sydney, Australia

If you wish to invest in Australia, then look no further than the Crown Residences at One Bangaroo in Sydney city. The city of Sydney gives the right setting for investors who want to develop and increase their residential investment returns. Investors are guaranteed consistent prime market rates even during a pandemic.

Sydney has been ranked as the top center for lavish home offerings for global investors for an extended period. This has contributed to the high demand for these homes resulting in increased capital growth. Besides, the prime property market growth by 4.7% in 2020 also led to this.

Global investors who want to estimate their assets’ liquidity and build a property portfolio should give the Sydney city a chance!

The city is perfect for residential investment due to the following:

  • Luxury home offerings for overseas investors
  • Exceptional education system and improved healthcare system
  • An abundance of prime beaches and national parks
  • Massive population base
  • A lavish outdoor lifestyle with human-friendly temperatures


  1. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland in New Zealand is still ranked as one of the most impressive and attractive cities for overseas investments. The speedy action that their authorities adopted was able to manage the COVID-19 pandemic which, in return, created a good impression on global investors.

The city is the also best destination for global investors who want to find the best timing for owning a property that guarantees high returns in the future. A recent study shows that the value of a house in Auckland has increased to 12.2% within the past three years.

The significant population growth, especially in urban centers, has been due to splendid landscapes and stable business settings. Attractive offers for capital gains investments and rental yield have also drawn the attention of international investors.

Auckland is a lucrative location for investments due to the following:

  • Doubling population growth rate in urban cities
  • Good setting for doing business
  • No capital gains tax for overseas investors
  • Incredible views for magnificent landscapes and famous slopes
  • A set of twenty-eight well-designed lavish apartments
  • Escalating tourist market


  1. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, is the fifth city of our attention for investing in residential real estate. Lisbon city is the best location for global investors who wish to have a chance of accessing an extensive range of investment portfolios. An investor can prioritize A’Tower, a building with unique and well-designed rooms among the properties.

For a long time, the Lisbon housing management has supported the application of the Golden Visa Programme plan. The plan has opened doors for global investors to access the best Portuguese real estate. Besides, the strong rental yields of at least 5% have significantly contributed to this.

The Portuguese government funding has combated the coronavirus pandemic exceptionally compared to other European nations. This has eased restrictions which increased the demand for residential properties globally. The 5% growth rate for Lisbon properties is expected to increase the number of global investors in 2021.

In essence, Lisbon is the best for residential real estate investment because of the following reasons:

  • Capital offers for Portugal properties
  • Lavish lifestyle at a reduced cost
  • A stable economy that creates a serene setting for doing business
  • Cost-effective rates for buying a home
  • Enhanced infrastructure



If you want to get the best returns out of a real estate investment, then it’s high time to choose any of the locations we discussed above. Especially nowadays, investing overseas is the best move you can make to have your annual returns and revenue doubled even during a pandemic.


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