Folkstones focus on real estate portfolio diversification and emerging markets targeting appropriate real estate opportunities, either from Recovery/Repossessed or Financial Institutions or individuals real estate projects.

We offer the ability to individual investors, family offices, financial institutions, and fund managers to invest or co-invest on a transaction by transaction basis on real estate assets (commercial, residential, retail, industrial).

We emphasize financial institutions and repossession agencies efficiently utilizing their Real Estate Owned (REO) portfolio through our second pillar of services.

Our access to a vast range of data, information, and available real estate assets enables us to assist our consulting clients in high-value acquisitions of significant importance.

For us, Diversification, Adaptation, and Foreseeability are essential elements in any investment.

How We Work

We target specific geographical markets where our team has a competitive advantage in accessing such real estate assets and providing our clients the opportunity to co-invest in projects.

Our strong in-house team of professionals’ daily involvement with distress or repossessed properties provides the ability to identify profitable real estate opportunities for profitable investments.

For each identified project, our team of in-house lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and real estate consultants:

Due Diligence

Execute all Due Diligence in advance


Evaluate the Potential Returns of Real Estate Assets


Calculate Future Real Estate Investment Values

Future Possibilities

Evaluate the possibilities of  Real Estate Assets in the market

The Majority of our Transactions Target Off-Market

obtained projects that are usually not available to Real Estate Agents.

Specialized Services

Folkstones undertakes the advisory and management of specific real estate assets on behalf of owners or financial institutions.

Our in-house professionals and third-party partners provide all the necessary information about the specific asset and identify its potential through in-depth due diligence and feasibility studies.

We can identify only the best investment assets through our enhanced know-how in the regions that we operate.

Following a risk-based but also a profit-based approach, we advise our clients for the specific asset transaction.

We assist our clients in specific real estate transaction deals through our in-house legal and other related professional team members.

From the conception of the transaction to the due diligence, preparation of paperwork via our lawyers (in-house and external), and the transaction execution, Folkstones facilitate the investors and the asset owners the methods and tools to maximize the potential of the asset.

Folkstones identifies specific real estate targets and then advises the potential investors for a sole individual investment or a co-investment alongside other possible investors on a transaction by transaction basis.

We can deliver the best possible results to our clients by reducing the deal’s investment aspect costs. In addition and for the asset owners, we can enhance their real estate asset’s value through the in-depth analysis and presentation of all potential for that specific transaction to the client.

Folkstones. Real Estate Asset Investment, Management, and Advisory.

Real estate and distressed debt transactions and opportunities.