Top 5 Locations to Invest in Residential Real Estate in USA

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For Investors, real estate is always a safe and ideal investment option because it offers the chance to make regular income from rental returns. It also greatly depends on the market dynamics if that is safe then the monthly income will be stable and it can also compensate all the associated expenses with the mortgage servicing.

After reading this if you are thinking where to purchase real estate property and invest your money then this article is for you. Here you will find top five residential real estates for investment.

But before that there are many factors that play a huge role in the depreciation/appreciation of a specific location so always look for these factors:

  • Affordability
  • Job opportunities
  • Population growth

Below I have compiled 5 best locations to invest after looking into data and examining trends mainly across US.

  1. Boise, Idaho

In this list of best locations for real estate residential area Boise definitely secures the number 1 position. In the United States it has a track record of being one of the best and also long-term investment destinations. It is also noteworthy that the real estate properties of this city are always high in demand and that is the driving force behind the high prices. In 2020 despite of COVID-19, home prices were high and that is why Boise housing market was #1 in ranking across US.

Many businesses were in loss due to reduced funding and investment because of the pandemic but despite of this the real estate investment showed a consistent rise particularly in Idaho.

Reasons why Boise is a stable market for investment in real estate

  • The job growth and population here is double than the overall national average
  • The population growth is very strong
  • The job security is 3-4 times than the overall country
  • The unemployment rate is only 3.5% even during the pandemic
  • For job growth Idaho was in the top 10
  1. Albuquerque

Albuquerque is one of the most populated cities in New Mexico and also it is 32nd most populous city in the entire United States. This location has a high value because it is culturally rich and most importantly it has many important educational institutions like University of Mexico. Albuquerque is just located at the very center of the Technology Corridor which means that it has a very high concentration of government institutions so it is developed and earning a job is easy as compared to other places.

Another reason that makes it an ideal location for investment is its affordability and very stable job market. The prices of the average metro homes are a little bit higher but some of the neighborhoods have more affordable prices.

  1. Atlanta

This is another ideal location to make an investment in real estates. It presents very smart buying scenarios for the buy-to-rent investors. In the last one decade the overall population growth has increased by 15% which means that it offers very consistent capital growth because the population growth is also causing an increase in the demand of housing regardless of the timing or the pandemic like situations.

Atlanta that is located in the city of Georgia is a commercial area which is considered as the hub for any real estate investment and it has a very strong portfolio in the real estate business. Despite of the ongoing pandemic the city of Atlanta has shown a very stable employment as well as population growth and both of these are the two major indicators of strong market and it also offers good yield on your overall investment.

This city is an economic as well as capital center so the liquidity of money is plus point and that is why it is also included in the top 10 productive states of United States its contribution in the annual GDP is also huge.

Why Atlanta is ideal to invest in real estate?

  • Approximately 400 people move to this city daily
  • By 2030 around 2 million people are expected
  • Average rent per month is 1000-1500$
  • It is top rental markets of the United States.
  • Hunting for jobs is relatively easier in this city
  1. Las Vegas

This particular location has seen many booms in its overall history. Las Vegas real estate market is not only stable but also predictable for all the savvy stockholders out there. Las Vegas housing market was on its peak throughout 2019 and some part of 2020 as well.

Now in 2021 its market is brimming with all new opportunities and businesses. It has a very positive and friendly business environment in terms of real estate and that is why it is giving a boost to the economy.

Reasons to invest in Las Vegas

  • It is most populous city of the state of Nevada and it is ranked as the 28th most densely populous city of United States
  • The management of the city is very well planned and that is why many universities and tech companies are present here
  • The main drivers of the economy are gaming and tourism which also boast the restaurant as well as retail industries.
  1. Orlando

Orlando is always an ideal destination for all the real estate investors out there because it is entertainment and tourism favorite. With their properties, investors either target the holiday or long term residential markets and regardless of the targeted market they get very strong returns. While flourishing tourism and enhancing the real estate market are the two major reasons behind its economic growth and in return both of these industries gain a lot from the successful economy. The better employment opportunities and growing population of the city are the reasons why one should invest in real estate in this city.

Reasons why it is the best place to invest

  • It is 4th largest in Florida
  • The rental market is very strong
  • The job market is stable and economic growth is stable
  • Major industrial location which provides job opportunities to many people

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