Visas & Citizenship

At Folkstones we listen to our clients, their needs. We don’t just identify any property. We identify the right property for the right purpose for the right client.

In addition to choosing the best investments for our clients, upon the request of our clients, we facilitate the provision of properties that qualify in reputable jurisdictions for the Permanent Residence (Golden Visa Schemes) or for Naturalization / Citizenship / Passport schemes.

Citizenship / Passport

We provide EU and Caribbean jurisdictions that by investing in qualified properties you will gain the benefit of the Second Passport acquisition as well.

Permanent Residence

We offer real estate opportunities in Cyprus and Greece that qualify for the Permanent Residence. In short time as 2 months you and your family (upon conditions) can obtain the Permanent Residence of an EU country.

With as low as €250.000 plus vat (for Greece) and €300.000 plus vat (for Cyprus) we will offer you the best possible real estate options that will fulfil all legal requirements.

Our expert teams and associates, consisting of lawyers, accountants, investment advisors and tax advisors will be able to complete all paperwork for you.

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