What we do

Folkstones operates under two main categories of services;

A. The provision of direct investments and direct property acquisitions from our trusted partners.

B. The provision of the ability of co-investment with other investors in certain projects with high returns of 7%-10% ROI.

Following an inquiry from a client we liaise and identify in our database of all available and suitable possible properties offered via our trusted partners. Folkstones work directly with reputable developers and agencies with no marking up in prices.

The property prices that we offer are exactly the same as if you were buying directly from our partners in the specified country. Once the inquiry is transferred to our local partner, Folkstones will be liaising with both ends in order to assist in the transaction. However we work on a full transparency and all direct communication from that point onwards will be with the direct partner.

We do not charge our clients any fees for any transaction. We provide transparent and real market prices directly from the developers or agents.

We can arrange virtual or physical viewings of the properties you are interested. A member of Folkstones or a member of the direct partner will be able to meet you in the country of the selected property for any assistance.

Our in-house professionals and third-party partners provide all the necessary information about the specific property and identify its potential through in-depth due diligence and feasibility studies.

We can identify only the best investment assets through our enhanced know-how in the regions that we operate.

Following a risk-based but also a profit-based approach, we advise our clients for the specific asset transaction.

We assist our clients in specific real estate transaction deals through our in-house legal and other related professional team members.

From the conception of the transaction to the due diligence, preparation of paperwork via our lawyers (in-house and external), and the transaction execution, Folkstones facilitate the potential buyers and investors the methods and tools to maximize the potential of the asset.

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